One Body Nutrition Group, LLC
      Rhonda Pennypacker, RDN, LD
        Registered and Licensed Dietitian

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Full List of Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy -
​Individual or Group

Weight Loss  - Individual or Group

HEALTHY EATING - Disease Prevention

We hear about how important it is to maintain a healthy weight for good health, but how? Let me start to help you one bite at a time, without dieting. We have taste buds for a reason, right?
Foods can harm or HEAL! I like to focus on the foods that are healing and prevent disease. Come, taste and see how food can be healthy and yummy too. Minimize your genetic risks!
My specialties include, but are not limited to, diabetes, weight loss, cancer, bariatric surgery  and pediatric nutrition.

Topic of your Choice

GROCERY STORE TOURS and Pantry Makeovers


Want to grow your own food, but feel overwhelmed thinking about it? Start big or small, I can help simplify the process and get you started today!
Teaching is my first love. Do you have a group of friends or professionals that want a presentation or seminar on a nutrition related topic, call me today!
Learn how to make shopping work for you.  Learn how to confidently shop and stock your pantry with foods that promote longevity and health!